Office 2010 – Download – H??ng d?n c?i ??t d? nh?t

1. Link dowloadT?i ??y

2Office 2010 l? g?? 

Office 2010 l? b? c?ng c? v?n ph?ng phi?n b?n 2010 g?m c?c ?ng d?ng so?n th?o v?n b?n, t?o v? ch?nh s?a b?ng t?nh, t?o b?i thuy?t tr?nh… ??y l? nh?ng ch?c n?ng c? b?n c?a b? Office, ngo?i ra c?n c?c t?nh n?ng qu?n l? email, h? tr? l?m vi?c tr?c tuy?n, chia s? v? l?u file tr?c tuy?n an to?n.

V?i ng??i d?ng c? nh?n, phi?n b?n Office 2010 Home and Student cung c?p nh?ng t?nh n?ng c? b?n nh?: thi?t k? v?n b?n tr?nh di?n, qu?n l? ng?n qu?, s?p x?p qu?n l? t?t c? th?ng tin c?a c? nh?n, doanh nghi?p, t?o c?c b?n b?o c?o, t?ng k?t, tin t?c, truy c?p, ch?nh s?a v? chia s? c?c d? ?n b?t k? n?i ??u.

Office 2010 - Download - H??ng d?n c?i ??t nhanh nh?t

M?i nh?t hi?n nay l? b? Office 2016 v?n bao g?m c?c b? office nh?:Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint …  nh?ng ???c t?ch h?p nhi?u t?nh n?ng b? sung, hi?u qu? h?n. ??c bi?t Office 2016 ???c thi?t k? ?? s? d?ng hi?u qu? h?n trong h? ?i?u h?nh Windows 10.

3. H??ng d?n c?i ??t Office 2010

B??c 1: Download v? ch?y file c?i ??t

B??c 2: Tick ch?n v?o ? ?I aceept the terms of this agreemnet? v? nh?n Continue.

office 2010 download huong dan cai dat nhanh nhat nc2

B??c 3: Nh?n Install Now

office 2010 download huong dan cai dat nhanh nhat nc4

B??c 4: Ch? ??i ph?n m?m c?i ??t

Office 2010 - Download - H??ng d?n c?i ??t nhanh nh?t

B??c 5: Nh?n Close.

Office 2010

B??c 6: V?y l? b?n ?? ho?n th?nh c?i ??t xong ph?n m?m Microsoft Office 2010. Sau khi c?i ??t xong r?i th? b?n m? b?t k? 1 ph?n m?m n?o ?? c?a Office 2010 l?n, ch?ng h?n nh? Word, Excel hay Powerpoint g? c?ng ???c. Tick ch?n v?o ? ?Don?t make changes? v? nh?n OK.

office 2010 download

Qu? tr?nh c?i ??t v? install Office 2010 tr?n win 7, win 8, win 10 ?? th?nh c?ng. Nh?ng ??y m?i ch? l? phi?n b?n d?ng th?. ?? s? d?ng v?nh vi?n c?c b?n c?n mua key b?n quy?n office 2010 nh?.

Ch?c c?c b?n th?nh c?ng, n?u c? g? th?c m?c b?n h?y g?i v?o messenger c?a Th?ng Long PC ho?c b?n c? th? ??n tr?c ti?p c?c c? s? c?a Th?ng Long PC. Ch?ng t?i s? gi?i ??p c?c th?c m?c c?a b?n m?t c?ch nhanh nh?t. 

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