Nh?ng sai l?m c?n tr?nh khi mua linh ki?n ph?n c?ng cho d?n PC ch?i game

Nh?ng sai l?m c?n tr?nh khi mua linh ki?n ph?n c?ng cho d?n PC ch?i game

Th? tr??ng? m?y t?nh ph?n c?ng? n?i chung v? ph?n c?ng chuy?n d?ng cho tr? ch?i n?i ri?ng hi?n r?t r?ng v?i v? s? s?n ph?m ??n t? h?ng tr?m nh? s?n xu?t kh?c nhau v? tr?i d?i tr?n t?t c? c?c ph?n kh?c. Tuy nhi?n, ?a d?ng kh?ng ph?i l?c n?o c?ng c? l?i. ??i v?i nh?ng ng??i m?i hay ?t quan t?m ??n th? tr??ng ph?n c?ng ch?i game, th? l?m th? n?o ?? ch?n ???c nh?ng s?n ph?m ph? h?p nh? y?u c?u v?i gi? b?n h?p l? nh?t gi?a mu?n v?n s? l?a ch?n kh?ng ph?i l? ??n gi?n, trong khi c?c nh? s?n xu?t l?i l?m qu? t?t c?ng vi?c ti?p th?, qu?ng c?o. Nh? b?n c? th? th?y, s?n ph?m n?o c?ng ???c nh?n ra l? ?n t??ng hi?u qu? trong t?m gi?, thi?t k? tuy?t v?i, r?i b?o h?nh d?i h?n? B?n c? th? b? c?m d? v? c? ??ng ti?n ?? ???c th? m? b?n cho l? ?tuy?t v?i?, nh? l? m?t con? RAM?32GB run ? m?c 3600MHz ch? v? th?ng s? n?y tr?ng r?t ?n t??ng, trong khi y?u c?u s? d?ng th?c t? l?i ho?n to?n kh?ng ??n m?c nh? v?y. Tr?n th?c t?, m?c ?? c?i thi?n th??ng r?t nh?, v? v? c? b?n, ?i?u n?y l? m?t s? l?ng ph? ti?n b?c


??ng v?i mua VGA c? g?n m?c ?Gaming?, ?OC?

This control with the view tr?c gi?c, b?i v? b?n l? m?t game th?, b?n mu?n t?m th?nh ph?n t?t nh?t cho d?n PC c?a m?nh, b?n kh?ng mu?n s? d?ng RTX 2080 Grandma information, m? ?? ph?i l? con qu?i v?t RTX 2080 Gaming OC Phi?n b?n eXtreme. T?t th?i n?u b?n d? gi? s?ch ng?n s?ch, nh?ng khoan, h?y ng?i l?i v? ph?n t?ch th?m m?t ch?t.

OC is the language is only default that is this version is? overclock (?p xung) . VGA OC is VGA is the design for the ?p xung, t?ng xung nh?p c?a? VGA , t? ?? gi?p n?ng cao hi?u su?t t?ng th?. C?n l?i t? ?Tr? ch?i?, th? ??n gi?n ch? l? ??y l? tr? ch?i ph?c v? thi?t b?. Ch?, nghe c? v? g? ?? m?nh m? v? ?ng?u? h?n th?t!


Tuy nhi?n, c?c c?m t? nh? v?y th??ng ???c s? d?ng l?i nh? m?t m?o nh? ?? m?i ng??i vui v? tr? nhi?u ti?n h?n cho m?t th?nh ph?n c?ng ??ng gi? khi kh?ng c? d?ng ch? ??, n? s? r? h?n r?t nhi?u . T?t nhi?n kh?ng ph?i l?c n?o m?t s?n ph?m ???c g?n m?c ?OC? hay ?Gaming? ??u l? marketing ??nh th?c, v? d?? chu?t ch?i game ?th??ng s? cho tr?i nghi?m ch?i game t?t h?n chu?t th??ng kh? nhi?u.

Khi nh? s?n xu?t tung ra m?t VGA m? h?nh, vi?c n?u ra c?c ph?n c?ng th?ng s? ??n m?c gi?i h?n s? r?t c? l?i v? m?t ti?p th?. Tr?n th?c t?, phi?n b?n ?Gaming? c?a m?t VGA d?ng th??ng l? phi?n b?n ???c ?p xung nh? c?a th?ng th??ng. Trong m?t s? tr??ng h?p, ch?ng t?i c?ng c? th? ???c trang b? kh? n?ng l?m m?t t?t h?n, nh?ng s? kh?ng c? b?t k? ?i?u g? kh?c bi?t (??ng gi?) ngo?i l?i nhu?n n?y, c? ngh?a l? b?n s? nh?n ???c th?m kho?ng 5% FPS so v?i VGA th??ng nh? v?o kh? n?ng l?m m?t t?t h?n kia.

Th? nh?ng gi? b?n cho m?t VGA ch?i game l?i th??ng cao h?n r?t nhi?u so v?i phi?n b?n th?ng th??ng. You can must pay them 30% money only to get the high rate is more than 5% kia, the condition is not a private information. H?n n?a, b?n c?ng ho?n to?n c? th? ?p xung cho m?t VGA th?ng th??ng, v? s? c? hi?u su?t t??ng t? ho?c th?m ch? c?n h?n. C? ngh?a l? thay v? ph?i tr? th?m 30% cho m?t VGA ?Ch?i game?, th? b?n x?ng ??ng n?n s? d?ng s? ti?n 30% ?? ?? ??u t? sang m?t m? h?nh ? ph?n kh?c cao h?n. This model will have to bring again for you add 30% hi?u su?t thay ??i ti?n kh?ng l?. Nh? v?y, thay v? ph?i th?m ti?n ?? mua phi?n b?n ?Gaming? m? ch? nh?n th?m ?c c? 5% hi?u su?t, b?n h?y d?nh s? ti?n ?? ?? ??u t? sang phi?n b?n VGA th??ng nh?ng ? ph?n kh?c cao h?n, v? s? got more 30% hi?u su?t.

H??ng d?n ki?m tra nhi?t ?? CPU, VGA, m?y t?nh ? c?ng, m?y t?nh x?ch tay

T?n s? RAM kh?ng qu? quan tr?ng trong vi?c x? l? c?c tr? ch?i

RAM is a in the following important section in of the processed to the total rate of the system computer, that but in the process of game, th? l?i kh?ng ho?n to?n nh? v?y. G?p ??i t?n s? RAM kh?ng c? ngh?a l? s? mang l?i cho b?n hi?u ?ng g?p ??i, th?m ch? kh?ng ??t 50%. V? d?, n?u b?n n?ng c?p t? thanh RAM 1333Mhz l?n 2666Mhz, b?n c? th? ch? nh?n ???c th?m 10% FPS, ?? l? m?c t?t nh?t c? th?. Nh?n chung, m?c ?? c?i thi?n l? nh? h?n r?t nhi?u so v?i b?n t??ng t??ng. Ngo?i ra, v?n ?? n?y c?n ph?i ph? thu?c nhi?u v?o c?ch ch?i ???c ph?t tri?n v? thi?t l?p, tuy nhi?n th? nghi?m th?c t? ??i v?i h?u h?t c?c ti?u ?? tr? ch?i ph? bi?n hi?n nay ??u cho m?c t?ng gi? kh?ng ??ng k? with FPS sau khi? n?ng c?p RAM?up cao h?n t?n s?. ??n gi?n ?? ch? l? v? m?n h?nh th? ?? x? l? c?c khung b?n trong v? hi?m khi c?n ph?i truy c?p v?o RAM d? li?u tr?n h? th?ng.

Tuy nhi?n, tin t?t l? RAM t?c ?? c? th? cung c?p l?i cho b?n nh?ng c?i ti?n ??ng gi? trong m?t s? l?nh v?c kh?c, ch?ng h?n nh? bi?n d?ch ch??ng tr?nh, k?t xu?t video, ch?nh s?a ?nh, v.v. is not too important in game play.

V? v?y, khi d?ng d?n PC ch?i game, b?n ch? c?n ch?n m?t RAM th??ng hi?u t?t m?t ch?t l? ?n, m? kh?ng c?n ph?i qu? ch? ? ??n t?n s? l?m g?! If one thanh RAM has a frequency less than more than many, not l?n t?n m? h?y mua ngay, ?? d?nh ti?n ??u t? cho c?c th?nh ph?n kh?c quan tr?ng h?n, v? d? nh? VGA t?t h?n 30% n?i tr?n kh?ng h?n ch?, b?n s? th?y nh?ng s? c?i ti?n r? r?ng h?n r?t nhi?u.

V?, c?ng gi?ng nh? VGA ???c g?n m?c ?Gaming?, ?Gaming? RAM tr?ng c?ng r?t ng?u v? ???c nh? s?n xu?t tuy?n b? t?i ?u h?a cho c?c tr? ch?i, nh?ng ?i?u ?? kh?ng c? ngh?a l? ??y l? ??u t? t?i kho?n ??ng!

??ng ch? ??nh gi? CPU theo th? h? v? s? l?i

Tuy nhi?n, v? t?c ?? x? l? d? li?u, c?i ti?n gi?a c?c h? th?ng c? th? s? r?t nh?. N? ph? thu?c v?o nh?ng g? m? c?c k? s? c? g?ng th?c hi?n tr?n h? th?ng m?i c? th? ??.

Chung quy t?c s? gi?ng nh? 2 tr??ng h?p tr?n, kh?ng d?i tr? ti?n th?m 50% ti?n ch? ?? chuy?n m?c c?i thi?n hi?u su?t 10%.

V? s? l?i, b?n ho?n to?n c? th? nh?n ???c 60 FPS v?i CPU 12 l?i v? 80 FPS v?i CPU 4 l?i, v?ng, b?n kh?ng nh?n th?y ??u, ?i?u n?y l? c? th?t. Khi n?i ??n tr? ch?i, lu?ng n?ng l??ng hi?u ?ng s? ??ng vai tr? quan tr?ng h?n nhi?u so v?i s? l??ng l?i (?a lu?ng), b?i v? ??y l? th?i gian th?c xu?t. T? l?c b?n d?ng chu?t cho ??n khi m?t s? h?nh ??ng xu?t hi?n tr?n m?n h?nh, CPU g?p r?t chu?n b? d? li?u cho GPU, v? trong tr??ng h?p n?y, cho d? c? trang b? ??n 24 l?i th? c?c l?i n?y c?ng ph?i Ch?ng may gi?p CPU c?a b?n th?c hi?n qu? tr?nh n?y nhanh h?n, m?c d? nhi?u l?i c? th? gi?p ?ch trong tr??ng h?p c?a nh?ng ng??i ch?i ?? h?i nhi?u th? c?n ???c x? l? c?ng l?c. V? d?, h?ng tr?m ?k? th?? ???c trang b? tr? tu? nh?n t?o ph?c t?p, trong m?t tr? ch?i ??nh m?nh chi?n l??c, l?c n?y s? l??ng l?i s? th?c hi?n ch? s? h?u.

Please think about the single feature as a way that CPU can ??p ?ng y?u c?u nhanh nh? th? n?o. Khi CPU ph?n h?i c?ng nhanh, m?n h?nh th? c?ng nhanh ch?ng c? th? nh?n bi?t ???c h?nh ?nh n?o s? ph?i hi?n th?. Other m?t, h?y ngh? v? s? l?i nh? CPU ??c? th? l?m bao nhi?u th? trong c?ng m?t l?c.

N?ng c?p n?o s? c?i thi?n hi?u su?t m?y t?nh c?a b?n nhi?u nh?t?

Trong tr??ng h?p n?y, n?u c? h? s? c?m nh?n, h?y tham kh?o ?i?m k?t qu? c?a ?i?m chu?n ?? x?c ??nh CPU ch?c n?ng c?a b?n. V? d?: G? t? kh?a ?i7-7700K passmark? l?n google, b?n s? t?m th?y ?i?m chu?n c?a m? h?nh CPU n?y. Sau ??, h?y t?m ki?m th?m t? kh?a ?passmark ryzen 7 1800x?, b?n s? th?y r?ng tuy CPU n?y c? s? ?i?m cao h?n do ???c trang b? nhi?u l?i h?n, nh?ng ?i?m ??n gi?n l?i th?p h?n nhi?u so v?i i7-7700K , to the game process also less than.

C?ng gi?ng nh? nh?n ?Gaming? hay ?OC? number stream c?ng l? y?u t? r?t hay ???c c?c nh? s?n xu?t s?n xu?t ra c?ng c? marketing, khi?n kh?ch h?ng m?c ??nh ngh? r?ng c? nhi?u l?i l? t?t h?n. ?? l? l? do t?i sao nh?ng chi?c iPhone tuy ?t l?i h?n nh?ng v?n cho kh? n?ng ch?i game m??t m? h?n v?i ?i?n tho?i Android c?ng t?m gi?.

T?ng k?t.

Qua b?i vi?t n?y, ch?ng t?i hy v?ng r?ng b?n s? tr? th?nh ?nh? ??u t?? th?ng minh h?n, ti?t ki?m ???c nh?ng kho?n n?ng c?p kh?ng c?n thi?t v? ??u t? v?o h?ng m?c quan tr?ng h?n. Ch?c c?c b?n th?nh c?ng!

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